Telehealth Nurse Team

Holland Hospital

The Telehealth Nurse Team at Holland Hospital is led by Ronnie Richards and consists of six dedicated telehealth nurses: Shelly Koeman, Anne Baker, Jan Hamstra, Kari-lynne Lawrence, Mary Kuehle, and Betty Hill. 

Holland's Telehealth Nurse Team implemented a telehealth program with HRS in 2017. Since launching the telehealth program, and through the efforts of the Nurse Team, Holland Hospital has greatly improved the overall patient experience, improving quality of care and reducing cost of care for patients. 

Members of the Telehealth Nurse Team rotate positions as the central coordinator, conducting phone and video visits, coordinating care between patients and clinicians, and monitoring up to 130 patients daily. This rotational system has allowed the entire team to become adept at noting and responding to subtle changes in patients' health status and has enabled them, as a team, to provide critical care to countless patients and prevent hospitalizations. 

As specialists in case management using telemonitoring, the Holland Hospital Telehealth Nurse Team, act as liaisons for the telehealth program and the future of health technology within Holland Hospital and across the community.