Kelly Bush, RN & Julie Charboneau, RN

Essex County 

Essex County serves several of the most rural communities across New York; its telehealth program is a critical component to the organization and the patients it serves. As healthcare innovators, Kelly Bush and Julie Charbonneau utilize telehealth to ensure patients receive access to expert care and timely solutions despite the geographic issues presented by the region. 

Kelly and Julie have seen great success with their telehealth patients, reducing not only hospitalizations and ER visits, but skilled nursing trips and missed medical appointment that frequently occur due to lack of transportation in rural communities. With their expertise in telehealth, Julie and Kelly are dedicated to growing the telehealth program and providing comprehensive care to as many patients as possible.

Many of their patients request to keep the telehealth equipment after discharge, reporting that the telehealth program and the care of their nursing team have given them peace of mind and empowered them to take control of their conditions and care plan.

Both Kelly and Julie have reduced patient hospitalizations by 60%, saving an average of $40,000 for Essex County and its patients. 

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